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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 1, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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%->> terrrr at a tv network. the man that took hostages in a sslver spping uilding and manifestto he left behind and %-maryland.atches extended to where earl is now, in updated3 track as it moves toward the state in the sky watthhforecast. >> i don't know what is goiig on. >> fighting back against crimm in baltimore. the viewer tip that led to this man's arrest. and what he is accused of. >> and tens of thousands of ú%llars, for a sidewalk? >> it has failed so miserably and did not meet standards..3 -> wwat was in the walkway that the city paid three times the regular rate. >> live in high definition, from wwff tvvin baltimore, this is foxx45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. four hour hostage standoff in silver spring ends withhpolice >> this all happened t the discovery channel building on georria avenue. myranda stephens is here with how the incident caae to an end.
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and more n the gunman's past. myranda? >> jennifer and jeff, james j lee no stranger to the discovery chaanel builling.3 protested there building before. but this time took his anger to a whole new level. >> the intense situution began around 1:00 this afternoon. when police say james j lee, an environmental protester, walked into the discovery channel headquarters, in silver spring, -earing devices on his body,,and waving a handgun. he then took two workers and a seeurity guarr, hossage in the %->> there maybe some other potential devices, with im, or near him, that he brought in. >> most of the 1900 employees were able to et out okay. and the day care center inside ú% the building was evacuated. swat teams and federal bomb technicians surrounded the building. while federal negotiators talked to lee for almost four hoors before finally shooting and killing him.
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>> as we were negotiating withh3 him, our tactical officers, were able to get in to position, where they were very close to him, at one point, the suspect suspect -- it is repprted he pulled out the handgun, that he came in with. and ointed it at one offthe %-it is unconfirmed whether he fired the weapon or not. but at that point, our tactical units moved in. and they shot the suspect, the suspect is deceased. >> all three hostages ere able lee, ii no stranger to the3 discovery channel. in 2008 he was arrested after protesting outsiie of the building. he also posted online rants ú%iticizing the network for not doing more tooprotect the
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environment. >> if you folllw what he said, publicly online, i don't think it is rationale. and we certainly were cognizant and aware of him. but did not take tte threats or demands ssriousll. >> police say exxlosive device may have detonnteed and ttey are tryinn to locate any other devices. lee was placed on probation for his 2008 arrest. aad oodered to stay away from the builling.3 ú%%-weeks ago.tion ndeddtwo and tonight fox 45 news has was james mcnaturalte senior by and producer at the netwook. reported to be doing fine. and is questioned by investigators. myranda stephens, fox 45 news a3 10:00. >> weather watches and warnings north carolina to new england. >> evacuations are currently underway, in the most threatened regions.
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ocean city is expected toofeel the effects. jeff abell is standing by live -n ocean city with a look at th3 eastern shore and how it is preparing. >>weel, city leaders today began to take preliminary precautions, but they are not expecting the brunt f this storm. here on the boardwalk tonighh it looos and feels like a typical sleepy summer weekend night. but all of that is aboou to change.ú >> it may look like the start to a perfect weekend. sun is out. and the surf is way up. >> the water is warm. but he waves are rough. especially under the water. it is flippiig you around. swimmers n ocean citt today were restricted to knee high waters. still, there weee plenty of and injuries. >> i slipped. i hit my head on a bblder. i gottthis. i don't know how. >> trying to get away from the waves. -hen you run and run n top of the rocks. >> witt ocean city under a hurricane watch, city leaders
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are bracing for an emergency. >> we do anticipate the storm -assing off the shore. about 200 miles offshhre, from ocean city. we are going to get some trooical winds. we are goinn to experience some flooding in the very low lying areas. >> far from panic mode according to the mayor. but it is time o take preliminary precaution. >> we believe tying p loose items. bringing inncans. securing everything. >> sand gets in everything. every ccaak, every orifice it can find. so we will baton down as much as we can. >> long timers even find it difficult to ppepare for the unknown. >> it is all a game. it is. you don't know f you will have a real serious storm or a lot rain and wind. >> in cean city, they are preparing for the worstt but helping for the best. >>well, not sinne 1985, as aú hurricane-forced the evacuation of ocean city. and while, of course, they are not expecting thatthere this weekend. they do have a lot of advice for
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ttat quarter million tourists expected to come here this weekend. we will talk to the mayor aaout that, in a few moments. for now, live in ocean city, jeff abell, fox 5 news at 10:00. >> all riiht jeff. earlier we asked you are you channing your labor day plans because of hurricane earl. 10 perccnt say yes. 90 peecent say no. diane writes on faccbook. yes the surf is going to be too arrives, i will stay home and use my ppol. gus writes, i don't need to change my plans, i am going west. go to, and tell us what you think. you can sound off through -acebook. send us a tweet@foxbaltimore. enter fox 45 a for yes, fox 45 b for no and your response may air at 11:00. ready for hurricane earl,rr is sailors working on the hurricane plan. it includesssecuring ships and moving them out of the way, if necessary. they sayyyou should do the same3 when earl passes by maryland, they say, stay off the wattr. >> basscally, we're preparing
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our people and our assets, to weather the storm safely. but to get back on the water as soon as poosible. >> coast guard rrminds boaters there are changes to draw briige -chedules, and if youuhave hazardous materials on or near spill. >> most of the north carolina coast line is under a hurricane warning as we speak. aad tturists are told to get out of the way of the hurricane.úevo island. -nd cars load order ferries and driven out of town. people that live theee, havv eeperienced hurricanes in the past. >> my great grandparents house, stay in there,,in the storm of which is the worst storm they not afraid. as saff there as anywhere. >> some residents woull rather be stuck on the island to watch oo their own home. powerful storm out there. >> even just the slighttst change in the couuse could put millions at-risk. chief meteorologiit vytas reid
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has been tracking the storm all day and joons us now with the latest on what we an expectt3 from it. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff, danggrous storm out there. dropped to category 3 strength, anow back to four. warnings. we have the urricane warniigs ú%sued ut over the atllntic. then n tte western edge of the chesapeekeebay, we have warning. and then down sooth of us over the carolinas where hey have %-zooming in around our state.e. what we are seeing. western edge of the chesapeake bay, we have the coastal flood watches out there. becauue of the winds that are east. ww will ontinue to lap that water up along the western edgeú of the chesapeake bay. minor flooding inno tomorrow night. on the easttrn shore, weehave the tropical storm warnings, because ven though it is a hurriiane, there will be tropical storm force winds..3 well defined eye. this is a strong powerful storm3 with he prrssures at 941 millibars. 135 mills per hour winds. category 4 torm w wind gusts up
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to 161 miles per hour. it has been in that ranne for a few days. look how well and defined the eye is. shows the powerful strength of the storm..3 tracking t, hurricaae model data ttkes it up through the atlantic, making that right turn. we have the high pressure, and cold front that ii helping to make the right turn. looks like it will be missing maayland. but still get the affects of the storm. but be, of course, it could change w to watch thht closelyy talking about the model data. as the hurricane hunter ffies through the storr. looking at the mooels tracking it. up north..33 most of them in agreement. off the coast. but few close to the outer banks. right now it doesn't llok like nip kind of landffll ii our neck of the woods. but we can get the affeets with winds, rain anddespecialll on the eastern shore. detailed look at this storm, further and talk about what is coming our way for the weekend, for us here in maryland. in just a bit. >> thank you, vytas.3 >> and we will have a ot more onnhurricane earlllater or fox 45 news at 10:00. jeff abell will join us llve from ocean ity, in less than 30
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minutes. %-get the latest information on ú%to go.e hurricane is expected by going to >> a drug empire run from maryland.3 tonight three people are under arrest, including the suspected keith daniels standing by live from the federal courthouse on these arrests and the search for $10 million, in drug money. keith? prosecutors have thel indictments, now they areegoing after the cash. they say the leader of this -roup committed as much violence, as he made monny. >> this is the face of the man that authorities have labeled the king pen, of a violent drug ring. he is 26-year-oll stephen blackwell of elkton. blackkell and 2 other women, tiara carter and joy edison, are in jail, facing a federal charge of conspiracy to distribbte heroin. now, according to the indictment federal prosecutors want toú seize $10 million in drug money
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from he trio. if they cannot cough up the cash, prosecutoos will seize real estate, whicc could include a $740,000 home, blackwell owns, on the elk river. >> if we do not do that, we wind uu n a situation wheee defendant may serveetime in prison, come back home and in dollars home he put in his family names. >> prosecutors say the drug ú%eration began in 2003 and %-york, and the dominican to new republic. prosecutors call it a violentt operation, with one of many acts linked to blackwell inn2009 when rivvl dealers opened fire at a barbeque. and aimed at many people. and people there took cover. >> it was bad man. bad. i didn't see eeerything. police and stuff were out there. >> blackwell is locked up in new york.
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prrsecutors won't say what led to the arrest. but say it is the result of a lengthy investigatiin.3 >> often these are undercover investigations where you are usinggeither cooperating criminnls out on the street. or federal agentsswhooare -peratinggundercover and purporting to be drug dealers and engage in drug transactiins. so strategizing goes into it. >> well no word on when blackwell will be delivered back to baatimore. expected tt face rraignment inú federal court in about two live now in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> okay keith. police makk an arrest after a body wassfound in the inner harbour, more than two years ago. police arrested 20-year-old wayye black in the august 2008 incident. they say he confessed to pushhng 22-year-old ankuuh gupta into the water after asking him for a cigarette. ankush gupta was days away from beginnnng his junnor year at the university f maryland college park on an engineering scholarship. >> newwtonight. change in the harges related to
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police say 67-year-old henry hutchins drove his car off brock ridge rosen day. trying tt kill himself and his he was faciig attempted murder %harges. suicide charges, among other charges. >> 9-year-old girl and giving her a sexually transmiited disease, is off the street. because of a viewer like you, -rrme and justice reporter joy lepola, tells us all it took, waa a phone call. -> mr. aters has been chhrged with the rapeeand sexual assault of a 9-year-old child. >> on friday, fox 45 news profileed michael waters. a fugitive wanted for raping a 9-year-old girl. and giving her a sexually transmitted disease. >> somebody out there knows where he is. if you know, call us at the warrant apprehension task force. >> again, we ssress this all the time. smallest bit of information can
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often times break one of thesee3 cases wide open? >> withhn a matter f minutes, the phones began to ring. and detectives received information, that waters had changed his appearance. based on that information and more, police made their move. >> we had a tip that michael waters was in the area of glen burnie, based on that tip, we went out to get him, and there he was. >> after months on the run, police captured waters. and bbought him into the department sex abuse division today. >> anything toosay for yourself? >> i don't need -- i don't know man behind bars, accused n the attack on a youngggirl. joyylepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. %-wanned people, in our fugitive files, by cliccing on and going to the news features section. step up with fox 45 news and fight back. let us know what you are doing to cllan up the streets where you live.
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>> later on foo 45 nees at 10:00. healing the scars of war from hhndreds of miles away. the dramatic injury this manú suffered and how a doctor from baltimore city is helping him out. it is our cover story, tonight. >> i mean, if it failed so miserably and did not meet standards, go back toothe company and say i want a regrounddand how this costly experimental sidewalk went ddwn a different path. and ffiled. it is our wasteewatch report, after the break. >> a powerful )m
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>> a state senator facing federal charges tonight that he took bribes. karen parks is liveein pikesvilleeto tell us about the
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case against senattr ulysses currie. >> this federal probe has been going on for two years, and ú%ems from currie's connection to shoppers food warehouse. today currie, along with several shoppers, executives, were >> maryland state ssnatorey ulysses currie charged witt ú%nspiracy,,bribery, extortion and otherrcriminal offenses in an 18 count indictment. it claims that currie misused whhle helping shoppers foodgainú warehouse eepand in maryland.3 currie reportedly received payments that grew from $3000 per month, ii 2003, to $7600 per month in 2007. back in 2008, fbi agents are seen removing numerous items. senator's prince george's county home who was shocked when they knocked on the door.
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chairman of the budget and taxation committee. until this matter is reeolved.3 ú% the indictment was announced today by u.s. attorney rod rosensteinnthat released this statement. >> government officialsscross a bright line when they accept payments in return for using the currie, who is 73-yearssold, was first elected to the state senate bbck in 1994. >> i think, he is a man of high integrity. and he is a legislator, whicc is very compassionate about issues, which affect those of us that ú% currie's attorney, dale kelberman released this statement. the charges brooght today by the and senator currie will plead not guilty to those charges. >> even though currie has stepped down, as chairman. %-seat unopposed. his senate reporting live in pikesville, karen parks, fox 45 news at
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>> city state attorney jessamy is hitting the air waves with an ad tomorrow. >> ssice jessamy took ver, violent crime is down, 59 percent. >> robberies dropped by 2/3rds. and murders and gun crimes areú down dramatically. >> he ad cites crime statistics frommthe past decade that..3 vvice you hear is congressman elijah cuumings, it does not >> candidate for city state fraternal order of police is. backing greg bernstein. bernssein is challenging jessaay.3 fop saiddhe would bring a new approach to the officc. stay with fox 44 neww for the latest on the mid term elections. go to 2010. >> ballimore city council president wants to revisit changes made to the police and fire pension plans.
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those revisions were made to help to balancc he city budget. fireeighters and police officers proteeted downtown yesterdayyand this morning. council president jack young ú%id the city should reevaluate >> i made the tough decision, and asked my colleagues,,to make the tough decision, that we could have a retirement ssstem that is dignified. but is onn that the ity can actually afford. i think that's here we are now. >> the police and firr unionsú are suing the city in federal court. beeause of changes to the >> arylann's economy has seenn3 better days. revenue from sales and income taxxs was down nearly 4 percent from last year. -uttgovernor o'malley said there -s some positive signs as well. maryland's unemployment rate, for instance, is down ever so slightly. maryland closed the year with a balance of $334 million. but that certainlyydoes not mean that it is a surplus. >> we donnt have raextra money %-this is not extra cash.
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anticipated deficit. >> state offmaryland still3 facing a budget deficit of more than $1 billion. >> well, downtown baltimmre sidewalk may ave been easy on the feet. but we have learned it was tough on the city's wallet. costll it was for the rubber to >> along the hustle and bustle of pratt street is a small stretch f siiewalk, that cost taxpayers tens of thousands of %-now, some are calliig it a costly experiment gone wrong. >> i mean, it is funny whyywould you want a rubbee sidewalk. >> in 2006, ccty spent $25,000 to have 1700 square feet of rubber sidewalk installed s part of a pilot program. city officials say they were looks like thhs, and is threech
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times more expensive than a concrete sidewalk,,would last thhee times longer. and offer walkers safer footingg >> we wanted to see how it worked in downtown baltimore. >> it turns out the $25,000 sidewalk lasted less than three years, and became dangerous. >> it had become sunken andú created standing water. which inevitably blue became a safety hazard cigar when you add 20,000 here, 20,000 there, ads uppto millions the city does not >> crews forced to remove it and ú%place it with concrete. another $8500, for a sidewalk experiment the city said failed. >> we're not going to put any more rubber ssdewalks throughout the city at ttiistime. three years later, what happened %-and the safety azard it creat. >> if it failed so miserably and did not neat meet standaads, go bacc to the company for a refund. >> kathleen cairns,,fox 45 news
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at 10:00. >> and the city also spent more than $15,000 to have the rrbber sidewalks installed along university parrway. the city would not ay if it wwlllseek a refund for the mone3 it spent, on tte rubber sidewalk pilot program. well,,it is our duty to hold the government accountable. and you can help us do that by joining our fox 45 wastt watch. if yoo ee government wasse. let us know by calling you can also go to and click on waste watch. >> more trouble on the tracks tonight. >> ttis videooisssent in to us, by a mark rider that train was stuck in the heat n new carrollton tonight. 500 passengers were transferred least, a one hour delay.g, at affected some of the same people that were stuck on a marc train for about two hours, innjune,,3 during a major heat waae thenn high temperatures cut the school
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ú%y short for thousands of students today. baltimore county schools released students two hours early. the ear just began on monday, you will recall. the baltimore county schools do not have any air conditioning. baltimore city schools, meanttme, stayed in session despite the major heat. now will the heat ccntinue as the week begins toowind down? >> e have so many questions. what about eaal. what about the state fair? here is vytas reid with a llok at ll of the answers. >> what about wwat? we have a lot of -- a lot to talk about. lots of hot air. plenty of sunshine. heat continues tomorrow. eerl. hhre is what is going on. maryland satelllte radar. clear posittons. high pressure issin place. that keeps us clear through theú help to take down the temperatures a bit through he overnight to the lower 70s. %-more sunshine for tomorrrw. look at the high temperatures. 89 degrees in baltimorr..3 98 degrres in baatimore. 97 in d.c. 96 in hagerstown. and the eastern shore, 93 in salisbury. so very hot temperatures.
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we do have somm chhnges that will be coming. but won't et here for another day and a half. 85 in baltimore. ú% in d.c.. for tomorrow, xpect to see the sunshine getting the temppratures back to the lower mid 90s. we also havv to track earl. storm and how it affects our forecast and will it affect the fair forecast for the weekend? details are coming up in a bit. >> y dad never had cancer. and his mothee, his grandmother, %->> later on thh neww at 10:00. cancer.ú the people that could benefit froo it, and why it is so controversial. >> not who i was two years ago. by appearance anyway. ú% but next. separated bb distance. ú%w a dootor rom baltimore is helping this ssldier heal. ittis our
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>> a soldier bbdly burned in war. turnssto a doctor thousands of ú%les away. >> the road to recovery is long and very, very painful. but together, they are going the distance. >> a sollier on the front lines in affhanistan. his life changed in a split second. >> not who i wws two years ago.3 by appearance anyway. %-his life when a roadside bombt hit his humvee back in 2008. body, severely ground and iú believe very much so that i still have a purpose here on
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cigarettes e is a wounded warrior, one of 600 at the brook army mmdical centtr in san antonio, texas. there sam met his closest al. scars were worse and worse. >> dr. robert spenseeis a burn reconsttuction active surgeon at good samaritan hospital in baltimore city. >> in the end we replaced about >> octor spense sees the casualties of war firsthand. and he blames a new enemy. -> when people thhnk of war they think of a shooting war where there is bullets. but that's not the conflict. this conflict is expllsive deviccs. >> for severely burnnd oldiirs, those with deforming scars, the war is never a distant memmry and people make judgments basee on how you look. i assume we will find good -- ú% for sam, that appearance is
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changing with each and every surgery. >> when you say we will resurface the nose. >> is a battle beyonddthe mirror. >> almost two years, since i like a man. >> with me,,so at some pooit in the future. of recovery. >> a piece of skin stays attached to the base of the neck. ú% my iniiial surgery -- his hands, arms, and face. >> i would not have anyone else in the oo, as lonn as it was up to. >> to perform the operations, dr. spense flies n once moot3 -rrm baltimore and stays ffr a week. >> planning not to ccme down -here for one week, at a timee.3 >> in between visits, thee talk over video teleconferencing. >> the flares here, or a >> you don't want to turn oo little down. >> it helps them build a trust. >> on the other hand if you put -p a flap and end of it dies. >> it saves time. innfirst day i am there, in sank
10:33 pm
antonio, and start operating. >> when the doctor returns home, he monitors sam's progress with teeas. >> working closely with a very good physician's assistant ddwn there. he is the hands that take the >> sam has undergone more than 17 operatioos. being patient is the hardest part. >> every step, puts me that much closer to feeling like i want to be myself. >> and as he works toward his old self, saa draww strength %-going over a small hurdle, and he deals with it really well. >> her name is captain amy sam's hospital dietitian. >> shh said i think you are beautiful the way you are. >> now, she is also his wife. >> we actually didn't meet until after i was injured. am. >> woo! >> and e are told, without a
10:34 pm
doubt, sam is doing well. hopefully he will have hat cheeseburger very, very, very soonn >> absolutely and hopes one day to compete inna triathlon. >> later on the fox 45 news at 10:00. controversial surrery that could prevent cancer. why some ppople are none oo sure about the operation howwver. >> i am jeff abell. coming to oceaa city this holiday weekend? i will show you what to expect, in a moment. ,3 >> and tracking hurricane earl, in the sky watch center. it looks like it will affect parts of the atlantic. who will get hit 3
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>> so, still keeping a closs eye on earl. hhpefully it will go far east. >> well good news is the track3 is keeping t over the aalantic at this time. but getting really close. too close for comfort for folks out there in outer banks of the carolina. main conceen. >> lots of beach erosion for this area..3 >> land mass satisfy saving -raceefor parrs of maryland.ú ii you look at the track of hoo the llnd is formed. that storm comes up and bumps off that. off the coast line and steer is it back out. mann ases stormm do that.
10:38 pm
and we have a sunken in area of %-couple more things coming up. but right now look at the watches and warnings across the area. we have some condittons that are over the central portion of the3 state. because the winds will be coming in ffom the east into thursday nighh, intoofriday morning. and hat cculd be a problem for westerr edge of the chesapeake bay. so we do have those prrblems thattwill be on the western edge, and also small craftt3 advisory. so folks do ot go out trying to do any boating or anything, if you are out for the next couple of days. strong gusty winds and waves. out there toward ocean city, we are looking at problems outt3 there as well. as the storm approaches. maryland beaches, tropical storm warrings right now through tte day tomorrow. friday afternoon. beeause the storm will be passing there. winds p to 50 to 60 miles per hour at tiies. and also gusty winds. looking at the satelliie. well defined eye on this
10:39 pm
hurricane. hurricane earl cat gore four. winds at 135 miles per hour. gusting to 161 miles per hour. tracking the path offthe storm. we're looking at this bbing a four, then a three. and just skirting east of the outer banks of the carollnas. of course the cone of incident could head ffrther west aad make a lannfall. buu it ooks like for the most part, it is missing maryland, which is good. but we will get the effeets of the western edgg of the storm. but here, looking nice and clear downtown baltimore. we are seeing 81 degrees. winds out of the south at three. humidity levels are low. high today was 95 degrees. low was 69. and it looks like our 85 innd.c. 85 in hagerstown. and bigger picture here. yoo can see this high pressure is helping push this storm off tt the east. then we have a cold front that ú-thht will continue to march or way. that's one of the saving graces3 putting in the future can. you will ee the storm building out of the south. rolls up along the coastal
10:40 pm
where it will continue to see but watch as it mmves ii friday afternoon. and ppshh hat storm out. so that's the cold front there. you i want to zoom in closer here. take a couppe of moments to take a closer ook at how t affects the easttrn portionnof the state. as the storm rides up. -e will see that moving in. there it is by the mornnng hours friday. by noon, just off the coast. then that frontal boundary continues to build in. and that kickssthe storm off. we may get a few showers from it. fronttl boundary in play. it looks like we will see 89 degrees for friday. cool front mmves in. maybe a few showers. ú%other hot day tomorrow. 93. 89 friday. 80 saturday. ú% sunday, monday, labor day. but sunshine throughout tte weekend. back to you guys. ocean city prepares for a major summee weekend. >> we return to jeff abell who is live on theeboardwalk with what tourists can expect for th3 jeff?
10:41 pm
>>well, you know, there has bee3 so much uncertainty, about this storr..3 that it has left many tourists in ocean city uncertain about thh weekend plans. city typically welcomes quarter a million guests on labor day weekend. many guests are canceling reservations. even those with non-refundable reservationss but he mayor today predicts this storm will pass with little just in timm for aabanner weekend. >> yoo know, we think it will be a beautiful weekend. we hhae had a few cancellations, %-everybody uses good sense ande would urge everybody, wait until it is over before you drive to the beach. that should be some time late ú%iday afternoon. everything should be cleared out. everything should be fine. it will be a beautiful weekend. >> well, tommrrow afternoon, city leaders will hold a special operations meeting. they are helping, at that time, to know a lot more about the path of this storm. and exactly what move theyú should make next.
10:42 pm
10:00. >> thank you jeff. >> you can keep track of the stoor online. get the latest on where the more on hurricane earl coming up in 20 ore minutes. on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> my dad had never had cancer. and -- but hii mother, his grandmother and all of his aunts had breast cancer.3 >> next, surgery that could prevent cancer. [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway!
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)m >> presenting surgery to remove breasts or ovaries helps to save lives. according to a study. after pamelaawas diagnosed with breast ancer she founddout he had a long family history of breast cancer. and she tested positive for the brca one geee mutation. that bumped the risk of the getting cancer in the other breast ann her ovaries, to as high as 4 percent. she opttd to have both breasts and her varies removed. now back in 1994 that was
10:46 pm
considered radical..3 >> the insurance company, stalled for six montts, and i and wrrte letters. >> study in the journal of the ameriian medical association said that the surgical removal of ovaries or breasts %-longevity of women most at-ris for breast and ovarian cancer. >> don't look foo the ravens
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final look aa the forecast. state fair tomorrow? well it ill be a hot one. 93 degrees. clear skies through most of the day. clouds gathering later. as the storm gets closer..3 now seven-day forecast..3 89 on friday. we see the front puuh through. chance of spotty showers. better chances east. look at the temperatures dropping. saturday, sunday, monday, lower 80s or the holiday weekennd and we stay dry into early parts of next week. so it looks like pleasant conditionssafter earl gets out back to you guys. >> all right vytas. >> final preseason atth up for the ravens is tomorrow. bruce cunningham joins uu in "sports unlimited" to tell us why you should not be looking for the starters on the fieed at this one. >> coming up on "sporrs unlimited". the ravens starters, will see little, if any, playiiggtime in thursday final preseason gamee but atch closely anyway. kristen bersst tells us why. one major competittons


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